Between his projects Τ.Β. works as a visiting professor in Academic institutions in Greece and United States. During the Fall Quarter 2019, he taught two classes at UCLA, his alma mater, one in the Film-TV and Media Department, Directing and Cinematography and a theoretical course in the Classics Department, on Ancient world and Cinema: Journeys of Displaced heroes. Also, he has presented seminars, master classes and lectures, in several institutions among others, San Francisco State University, Bilgi University in Istanbul, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Beirut University, Metropolitan College of Athens e.t.c.

The content of his classes are:

Directing and Cinematography

A co-taught class, with a DP, focusing on the relationship of the director and the cinematographer from the pre-production up to the final print. Lecture and Lab.

Ancient world and Cinema: Journeys of Displaced Heroes.

An introductory lecture class focusing on the impact of Ancient Greek dramaturgy to contemporary film genres. Lectures, Screenings and Discussions.

Advanced Directing Schemes: Transforming Ideas into Visual Storytelling.

For graduate advanced students on directing. Focus on visualizing abstract concepts, and creating very short clips, regarding public messages, internet clips and shorts. Part of this class is focused on Commercials. Lectures- Discussion and Short film creation (One minute shorts).